We like to move it move it!

One of our Moms is a professional dancer and shared her skills with our class. Wow, check out our amazing dance routine.


What's Up For January 2017?

Happy New Year!  Welcome back!  

This month we will be loving all things winter by investigating and researching snow and ice.  
Some of our learning activities and inquiries will be:
  • Snow and Ice Research (Language)
  • Snowflake Symmetry  (Math)
  • Snow and Ice Experiment (Science and Language)
  • Snowflake Mobile (Art and Math)
  • Catching Snowflakes on My Tongue (Art)
  • Creating Procedures (Arm Pit Fudge, Chocolate Skor Cake and more)
  • Measurement (Math)

January Poem-Snow and Ice

                 Snow and Ice

December has gone and January is here,
The days are cold now,
Two thousand and seventeen is the year.

The north winds blow the cold air in,
Three months of winter left and spring will begin.

Snow and ice are here so we can slide skate and ski,
If we didn't have winter,
Snow and ice would never be.

Plasticine Art

We invited Mrs. Hendry, a professional plasticine book illustrator, to show us how to make a plasticine picture called "Winter Wonderland".  We made fantastic pictures!  Thanks to Mrs. Hendry and our parent volunteers who helped all of us to be better artists.


December Poem: Sensing The Seasons

Sensing The Season

Feel the snowflakes on your face,
Cold as ice they take their place.
Smell the gingerbread in the air,
Make a house if you dare.
Taste the sweets all around,
Chocolate and candy canes can be found.
Hear the many sounds of the season,
Singing, bells and music all for a reason.
See the lights that shine in the night,

Colours of the season are red, green and white.


Animal Hibernation

We are creating dioramas of hibernating animals in November. Please send in a shoebox so your child can start their research project and create their report.  Talk with your child about which animals hibernate and what each animal's habitat looks like.


Our Monthly Poem for November

How Animals Get Ready For Winter

Brown squirrel, brown squirrel, what do you do?
I gather nuts for winter. Is that what you do?

Black bear, black bear, what do you do?
I find a den to sleep all winter. Is that what you do?

Canada goose, Canada goose, what do you do?
I fly south for the winter. Is that what you do?

Caterpillar, caterpillar, what do you do?
I make a warm cocoon for winter. Is that what you do?

Beaver, beaver, what do you do?
I make a den of stick and mud. Is that what you do?



We are learning that recounts are stories in the past and are about something we did or an event we experienced.  Recounts are a more formalized and structured form of writing which follows a Success Criteria and creates a story.  Recounts are reviewed and revised by the student, with a partner and with the teacher before it is completed and marked.  

Have your child recount something that you did together, for example, grocery shopping, setting the table, going for a walk in this great fall weather. Can they recount one event after this Thanksgiving weekend?

An example of a recount.


A big thanks to parents and care-givers for your most generous donations of soap kleenex, paper towels and other items.  They all make such a difference in our classroom.  

Thanks for participating in our weekly word and monthly poem programme.  It is amazing how learning these specific words weekly improve reading levels and the joy of reading.  

It was wonderful to see so many of you at the Meet the Teacher night and have you sign up for an interview.  Your child was so proud to share what they have accomplished and so pleased to show off their room.

I am looking forward to a wonderful year of learning with your child.  Please do not hesitate to slip a note in the agenda or email me at if you have any questions or need to share information with me.

Mrs. Wallis Dean

Our Classroom and Students for 2016

Welcome all students to our Grade One class located in the very bright and spacious former Kindergarten room #182!  We were very pleased to add 4 new students to our class last Wednesday.  A special welcome to Marshall, Christian, Jaida and Matthias!  They were very busy last week making their “faces” and doing art that would include them on our class graph, classroom rules door and names wall. Our October calendar has gone home, please check it for classroom information. Ms. Mitchinson (science/social studies) and Mr. Severin (music) are also your child’s teachers.